Turkish Technology Shines in the Global Arena!

Turkish Technology Shines in the Global Arena!


Akım Metal Successfully Exported SMB TECHNICS branded TT-850 CNC Lathe to Germany.SMB TECHNICS successfully exported its latest product TT-850 CNC Lathe to Germany.Company officials stated that this export will both support the international growth of the company and show the strength of the Turkish technology sector in the international arena.


The TT-850 CNC Lathe, produced by Akım Metal under the SMB TECHNICS brand, draws attention with its extremely precise machining capability and advanced technological features. It is emphasized that it has the potential to play an important role in industrial production processes with its innovative design, efficient high productivity.


Product Manager Alper Nizamoğulları stated that this export to Germany was a major turning point. Nizamoğulları said, "The successful entry of our TT-850CNC Lathe in the German market will help us to prove the technological capability and quality of our company on international platforms. At the same time, I believe we have taken a big step in demonstrating the power and capabilities of the Turkish engineering sector."


Germany is known worldwide as one of the leading countries in the field of engineering and industrial manufacturing. For this reason, the successful acceptance of the TT-850 CNC Lathe in Germany is of great importance in terms of proving the competitiveness and quality of the product in the international market. The TT-850 CNC lathe will be used in the production of high precision parts used in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and defense. This machine, which has advanced technology, aims to exceed the industry standards in terms of efficiency and precision thanks to its automatic processing features, high-speed cutting capability and fully digital controls.


The acceptance of the TT-850 CNC Lathe in a developed market such as Germany is an indication of its ability to respond to customer demands as well as the quality of the product. This export is a sign that the company will support its international growth and open the door to entry into new markets. The export of the TT-850 CNC Lathe to Germany is considered as an important step towards increasing the international competitiveness of the Turkish technology industry. This success also sets a great example in terms of demonstrating the potential of Turkish engineering and technology companies.

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